Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machine

Yongte is professional manufacturer for plastic pipe extrusion machine located in Qingdao, China. the plastic pipe extrusion machine includes PVC pipe machine, PE pipe machine, PPR pipe machine, PP pipe machine, and irrigation pipe machine

Our plastic pipe extrusion machine is optimized designed with advantages of efficient production, energy saving and environmental protection, high automatic, long using time and easy maintenance.  

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  • Yongte is a professional manufacturer of high quality 50-160mm PVC pipe making machine in China. PVC pipe making machine is mainly for plastic pipe production enterprises, plastic products processing plants, construction enterprises and so on. Enterprises need efficient, stable and environmentally friendly production equipment to meet the needs of different scenarios and application fields, such as water supply and drainage, gas, chemical, agriculture and so on.

  • Yongte Rubber seepage hose extrusion machine is used for making rubber seepage/irrigation/soakaway pipe from recycled rubber powder,we equip high quality extrusion system with experienced formulation, our machine can make high quality rubber seepage hose

  • Yongte is professional manufacturer factory for producing 16-63mm Three layer PPR hot water pipe extrusion machine,it is specially designed for making multi layer of PPR hot water pipe by co-extrusion technology,PPR hot water pipe extrusion machine is mainly composed of material loader, extruders, die and mold, cooling and calibration tank, pull off tractor, cutting device, and control system, etc.

  • The 160-315mm PVC pipe extrusion machine line is used for making PVC water pipe, it includes auto feeder, conical double screw PVC extruder, die and mold, vacuum and water cooling tank, pull off tractor, and cutting machine

  • Yongte PE-RT floor heating pipe equipment is a professional device specializing in the manufacture of floor heating tubes. It consists of feeding, extrusion, sizing cooling, traction cutting and other systems. The raw materials are molded by precise temperature and pressure control. Its simple operation, high degree of automation, can efficiently produce accurate size, excellent performance of the heating pipe, to meet the needs of floor heating.

  • Yongte is professional manufacturer for the rubber soakaway pipe making machine, it can use rubber wastage to make soakaway pipe by rubber tire recycling machine and rubber soakaway hose extrusion machine

As a professional Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we have our own factory and can provide factory direct price. If you are interested in buying high-quality Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machine with CE certificate, please leave us a message using the contact information provided on the webpage.
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